Exact Protractor - A FREE "On Screen" Protractor

Advanced Version includes Protractor Rotation and a Perspective Protractor

Welcome to Exact Protractor


Do you require an angle from a PDF drawing?

Do you require a roof pitch or angle from a photograph or Google Street View?

Exact Protractor is the answer:

Exact Protractor is an On Screen Protractor that sees through to the picture behind like a normal protractor

You simply place the protractor over to object to be measured and then zoom in on the protractor to measure the angle

Angles can be measured in Degrees or Rise:Run

Note: Free Version is for an On Screen Protractor that is zoomable and relocatable as shown in picture above

Advanced Version allows for Protractor Rotation and includes a Perspective Protractor as shown in pictures below


A Must-Have Tool For:

• Estimators

• Engineers

• Architects

• Draftspeople

• Anyone who takes angle measurements from PDFs, Google Street View or Photographs


Modify Protractor To Aid Reading

• Zoom In and Out

• Change Protractor Color

• Turn on/off Degrees or Rise:Run

• Change Protractor between Perspective and Front View


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